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Special Launch Price Expires In:

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Create your own websites on WordPress, apply your own branding with PressLabel and watch them get picked up like hot cakes at sexy 4 digit figures each! Sounds like a plan, eh?

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Get A Complete Ready-To-Use Arsenal Of SPECTACULAR Done-For-You Themes

For Your & Your Client’s WordPress Dashboard

Leverage On 10 Exciting Premium Quality Templates
Worth $997

As marketers, we're constantly thinking about our website and brainstorming on ways to improve the layout, the interactivity and the design. But besides quelling your daily concerns, you also need to be aware of the latest trends in website design.

And that's a lot to worry about…especially when your time is spread thin among a ton of other projects.

A backend theme like the ones we are offering can give your site a unique look and feel, which is not only essential aesthetically but also contributes to being user-friendly. A good admin theme can add a more intuitive user interface to the Dashboard and accelerate efficiency of your clients!

Customizing WordPress backed with an admin theme is a simple way to give your install a new look that’s different from the black and gray admin theme we’re so used to seeing (if you haven’t already changed the admin colors, that is).

If you develop sites for clients, installing an admin theme allows you to not only re-brand the backend but in many cases also simplify it so it’s easier for them to use.

Check out some of the designs you get as part of this package:

If you’ve designed a website that has multiple authors and contributors, then this is GOLD for you! It serves 2 very important purposes:

  • Ensure that your dashboard looks nothing like the bland WordPress dashboard
  • Enhance visual appeal with a slick looking dashboard which is super easy to operate.

With PressLabel PRO, you get EXACTLY this all nicely packaged up for you!

No need to hire expensive designers or developers who waste your time.

Instead choose this done-for-you package.

Check out these elegant admin themes crafted by the ace designers in the market today just for you.

Use Upgraded Feature MultiSite Support To Fully Manage And Scale Up Your Business!

Valued at $497

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be quite a handful. In addition to updating each website to the latest version of WordPress, you also have to update themes and appearances regularly for your websites.

Performing these tasks, is a massive time guzzler because you have to constantly switch between websites and log in and log out.

Thankfully, PressLabel offers you a splendid solution that’ll help you operate multiple WordPress websites more effectively and efficiently.

Want to install on multiple sites, repeat and scale your setup over and over again? What’s stopping you?! PressLabel is 100% backed by Multisite Support.

That means that when you login to your WordPress Dashboard, you can manage all your sites from a single admin page instead of each individual dashboard and share all your resources with all your sites!

Now churning out rebranded WordPress sites just became simpler with a few clicks! Just login and activate on all your sites! You’re welcome : )

Finally, Expand Your Business & Client Base With

The Unlimited Site License!!!

Valued at $497

PressLabel gave you the license to build 10 or 100 sites at one-time fee! site at $24 and 100 sites for $27!

But wait…

What if we waived off everything and gave you an unlimited number of sites to build for practically nothing?!

This super trooper upgrade is your golden ticket to building not 100, not 500 not even a thousand, but an unlimited number of sites!

Yup! You can keep pinching yourself all day long but you better believe it! The cap is off and there is no end to this prodigy now! This bottomless pit of brilliance will let you churn out website after website, till you literally tire out of all the success that’s been coming your way!!

We don’t believe that there’s any such thing as too many clients! The sky’s your limit!

So, you see how with this upgrade you can monetize on a LOT of valuable time & effort and we all know too well that time is money! So hurry up, we want to make sure that our precious customers can start using and profiting from this fantastic upgrade ASAP.

Now again conservatively speaking all of this package could be EASILY offered on a webinar for $1,997.

But today – as a NEW PressLabel buyer – you have the opportunity to get this entire package for a FRACTION of the price.

Not $997

Not even $497

NOT Even $247 (which is already 25% of the value of this package).

Just today – you pay ONLY $67. Think about the mental decluttering that comes with the multisite support! If there’s one thig money cannot buy you, it’s a stress free existence! Speaking of which, never ever stress over the number of websites you are “allowed” to make ever again! You get endless number of websites on the house!!

Can you think about how much you could rake in with such finesse of display in your business? Do the math and BUY NOW!!!