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Are You Using WordPress To Develop Websites For Yourself Or Your Clients?



The great Master Builder WordPress was reputed sometime back as simply a “blog” software. Everyone clambered onto its back when blogging became popular, and WordPress touched great heights.

It soon gained popularity and here we are today in the spring of 2016 today surrounded with WordPress all over the World Wide Web!

Don’t believe me?

See For Yourself!

What do The Walt Disney Company, Groupe Renault, The Herald Sun, BBC, Vogue, Nokia & Forbes have in common?

They ALL use a WordPress platform!

That’s right!! Go to any of the main pages of these sites showcased… in the top navigation and, yep, still WordPress.

So now you know that - If your answer was a “NO” – Your Business Is In Trouble

But let’s get down to the problem if your answer was a “YES”…

Did You Know? WordPress Sites Get Hacked

More Often Than Any Other Sites Online!

WordPress is a great platform – but it has some liabilities.
Its easy to see that a site is built on wordpress – because of which its easy to hack too!

What if you could hide all this information from prying eyes?
Did you know…

The Sites Hosted By Popular Blogging Site Copyblogger

Experience Between 50,000 And 180,000 Unauthorized Login Attempts Each Day.Experience Between 50,000 And 180,000 Unauthorized Login Attempts Each Day.

Here are 3 biggest security problems with using WordPress:

Think about it…

Haven’t you ever thought of customizing the menus and logos in WordPress or decide which menu’s the users have access to? Sometimes the simplicity and the multiple accesses have a downside…

You could be working on a website for your client, but when you login next, you find to your horror a messy interface and atrocious changes you don’t remember making, because it’s so damn simple that your client decided to login and tweak the site a bit and pour all your hard work down the drain!

Don’t you wish you had greater exclusive control over the backend that could keep your nosy client at bay?

We just happen to have an answer to that!



The WordPress Warrior That Allows You To Take Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard Branding

Now Customize and Whitelabel 

ENTIRE WordPress Sites With 1-Click

PressLabel allows you to give your websites a more personalized and less confusing dashboard by completely rebranding the WordPress admin area and making it your own. With Whitelabel Branding for WordPress, you can take full control over the branding in WP-admin and decide who has access to what features.

Having spent countless hours on your design and code, sweating all the details... shouldn’t your Content Management System reflect your brand? And while you’re at it, how about making it beautiful instead of run-of-the-mill?

With PressLabel, you can create a completely customized WordPress dashboard without any WordPress branding. Your clients won’t even know that you’re using WordPress! Create a look and feel that matches your brand.

Reimagine the WordPress dashboard in a clean, modern, and simplified design. Your clients will love it. Change or remove all WordPress branding, creating a true Whitelabel admin area for your websites. Create your color scheme, add your branding to both the admin and login pages — make it your own!

Now if you need more reasons on why to invest in PressLabel…
…Well it lets you…

Rebrand WordPress
($297 Value)

The most spectacular feature of PressLabel is that it lets you completely rebrand WordPress to your customization! That means you take a free platform like WordPress, build sites that you can sell for $1000+! And don’t worry about your clients finding out when they login to the member’s area, because PressLabel gives you the complete liberty to revamp the dashboard, add or remove widgets, keep/remove/rename screen options and removes any trace of WP logo or branding, convincing your clients that this is your unique platform!

And it offers…

Valued at $97


PressLabel gives you the freedom to display only the information and features you want your clients to see! This not only helps you cut back clutter but also presents a sleek, professional interface that’ll organize your menu beautifully! Now customize your menu, structure your submenus, reorder/rename/remove components of the admin panel. In short, you can just drag n’ drop your way to your very own personalized interface!!! How’s that for simple?!

Login Page

It’s your very own login page! Now this page is all about you! Impress with the very first look with a complete tailor made login screen! You decide what goes up on that screen... setup on a completely unique layout, this includes your logo, your branding, a background exclusively designed by you, and a style that’s exclusively yours! The bland logins of WP will be a far cry from this and never in the world will your clients suspect that this could remotely be the same platform! Because the first impression is often the last!

Valued at $97
Valued at $197

Versatile Visual

If you thought the customization ends at that, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! We thoroughly believe that a product is only worth how much it serves, but a few good looks never hurt anyone! With PressLabel, you have the capacity to change how your dashboard looks to suit your own product or service. With the appearance options, you get to turn designer with 8 unique color schemes to transform your Dashboard and match your brand!

And it lets you decide...

Full Control – In
YOUR Hands

This unique WhiteLabel lets you have control of your websites long after you’ve sold them! The Full Control Of User Preferences lets you manage, choose and set capabilities for single or multiple users that have access to the dashboard of your product. You decide who all can be administrators, whether the clients can edit the website or author any posts and you get to designate roles for the website’s backend, and all without your clients knowing about it!

Valued at $197

And lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY,

Save And Export Perfect WP Setup

($197 Value)

One very special ability of PressLabel, and one we’re proud to present, is it’s never seen before Import/Export feature.

As web developers, we understand that there are some settings that play with a particular niche. Or there’s a client who likes the design of a particular website and would like to replicate it on their own. Look, our job is to make yours simpler!

So we’ve given you this feature that lets you save or export the settings on a website, so should you wish to replicate the design, instead of starting from scratch, you can simply recover or import the same settings on another website!! A brand new website in lesser time than it takes you to eat a single pizza slice! How neat is that?

CASE STUDY: See How We Generated

$130,000 With PressLabel

Last year – we released a solution which allowed people to create pop-ups for their websites. This solution was originally based on wordpress – so not a true SaaS.

We didn’t have enough time to create a true SaaS software – that is – based on complex languages such as PHP and Laravel framework.

So we beautified our site using PressLabel and made it completely non-wordpress looking.


We generated $130,000 in 4 short days.
Check out these screenshots:

The point is – everyone can do what we did. What could have been a $70,000 sale DOUBLED with just one little change.

And that’s the change we want to bring to you.

Get PressLabel Now - Launch Special - 80% Discount

Look What Others

Are Saying About PressLabel…

PressLabel offers a great opportunity to rebrand wordpress websites - which will get rid of lots of security loopholes. I highly recommend this plugin - we are using it ourselves.



Karthik Ramani
Karthik Ramani

I am Truly looking forward to PressLabel going Live! I am in the process of creating custom sites using the WP platform where I need to hide certain functions, plugins, pages, post, etc... I have tried another plugin, but it was not easy to use due to lack of DETAILED Training for Customizing Roles & Sections within the plugin itself as well as functions/selections working or making the required changes.

Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill




When you purchase PressLabel Elite + Upgrade 1 (PRO) + Upgrade 2 (Training Club), you will be able to get access to PressLabel Unlimited Licenses. Restricted To First 50 People Only

Like they say...

…The Worth Of A Thing Is What It Will Bring

Then you have to see what PressLabel brings with it!!

Along with the brilliance that’s is PressLabel, we’re giving away these carefully selected bonuses that I personally like to call the Fantastic Five!

Bonus 01
100 Personalized
Company Logos

A catchy logo will make your business a brand in itself! But a brand doesn’t come so easy…or cheap! Instead of splurging on expensive designers, we give you 100 logos that are 100% modifiable and can be edited to suit the logo of your company!

Bonus 02
50 Impressive
Background Images

A website is expected to be functional, reliable, and efficient and offer your visitors an experience worth remembering. A graphic designer can charge anywhere from $100+ per design file. You are getting 50 total, I’ll let you do the math so you can see the true value of this awesome collection.

Bonus 03
50 call to
Action buttons

Your call to action buttons are arguably the most important part of your website, so you need to get this remedy down ASAP. As a part of bonus on PressLabel, we’re going to give you 50 of the most kickass CTA buttons that’ll re-direct your customers and send engagement on overdrive!

Bonus 04
Web Copy
That Sells

This is the bread and butter of your business. Conversions will fall unless the written content on your website fails to match your client’s interests. This will make the most important aspect of your website perform at their best. Your customers deserve nothing less.

Bonus 05
Video List Building

Video helps you authentically connect with people who visit your website and allows you to engage with them. Depending on what you ask them to do in your video, they happily opt-in to join your list or call you to become a client (or both). Learn the sharpest techniques in the business today to leverage on the powerful results assured by Video!


Because we value your loyalty and your decision to invest in our hard work. And we like to reciprocate. Really Well.

So to summarize really quickly, let me tell you that you’re getting real BIG VALUE in small packaging!

  • Firstly you get to rebrand the big daddy of websites- WordPress! Take it in all its fabulousness and claim it as yours- can you imagine that kind of power? ($297 Value)
  • CUSTOMIZE your login page as per your requirements! That’s the real deal! This is one MAJOR place where your bluff would’ve been called and your client would’ve known through the WP login. But not if we can help it! Design your own login page…as you like it! ($97 Value)
  • Work with beautiful themes and color schemes to modify your dashboard in a manner that would take even WordPress a lot of time and effort to reach! ($197 Value)
  • Control the roles in your backend! Your User Preferences is in your hands completely…pull the strings as to who should have as much control over your websites even after you’ve sold them! Administrators, authors, editors, all are decided by YOU at complete discretion! ($197 Value)
  • Think you’ve found yourself settings you may want to repeat on a website? Just save and export so that you can import it on another website instead of starting from scratch! ($197 Value)

And People Would Happily Pay Us In Gold For Something This Precious

Honestly, we first decided to sell it at 50% its value i.e. at $ 541 (50% of $ 1,082 – added market value of all its features). We knew our customers can make double that amount with just creating 1 website.

But then we also wanted to make sure that people out there who may be just want to try it out…may not be inclined to spend that kind of money. And PressLabel is so great, we really wanted that whoever understands its potential should not have to think twice before clicking on the buy button.

So hurry up and grab your copy now.

And don’t worry about jumping in too fast and making a hasty purchase. We got you covered…

Full 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee

We KNOW That You Will Love PressLabel, and it will be without a doubt the best graphics creation & editing tools you will ever have. But If You Don’t...

We're Offering A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with PressLabel! Simply send us an email or a ticket to our support desk at http://kvsocial.zendesk.com and we'll send you a full refund, no questions asked, just a thanks for giving it a shot!

Press Label - 10 Sites


Press Label - 100 Sites
with Developer Rights


  • q-iconHow much storage does PressLabel take up?

    With PressLabel, everything is as easy as it can get. PressLabel has been designed into a plugin for WordPress. So as soon as you’be purchased it, you can activate the plugin on your WordPress and that’s it! No heavy software, no tricky cloud based systems. Just access from anywhere, anytime!

  • q-iconHow does PressLabel safeguard my websites against hacking?

    Hackers love targeting WordPress sites for their basic interfaces. But thanks to PressLabel and all the rebranding it does, hackers will never ever guess that your website in built on WordPress! Since you remove every trace of WordPress branding from the site, the smartest programmers won’t be able to guess the platform your site is built on and thus won’t know how to penetrate it. System Secure!

  • q-iconDo I have a money back guarantee?

    Well in 30 hours you would have seen the money flowing in, you will forget all about our 30 day money back guarantee because it will be so irrelevant. But still…just in case…YES. You investment is covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.

  • q-iconIf I skip this now, what price can I get it at later?

    Sorry, you won’t be able to get this offer at launch price later.

  • q-iconWhat can I brand in my WP site?

    – Dashboard
    – Public Dashboard Panel
    – Editor Dashboard Panel
    – Admin Dashboard Panel
    – Remove Dashboard Widgets
    – Disable dashboard welcome panel

  • q-iconWhat can I change in header section?

    – Header logo
    – Header logo title
    – Header logo width
    – Change “Howdy,” next to user name on top navbar
    – Move logout link to the right

  • q-iconWhat includes in footer branding?

    – Footer logo
    – Developer Name
    – Hide WordPress Version Footer

  • q-iconWhat can I change in Email Branding?

    – Email from
    – Email from name

  • q-iconWhat other things i can do with PressLabel?

    – Remove – WordPress from page title
    – Favicon
    – Hide WordPress Update Nag
    – Hide update download link
    – Hide Contextual Help
    – Hide Screen Options
    – Hide Favorite Actions

  • q-iconWhat can I change/do in Navigation (Menus, submenus, admin bar…)?

    – Main Menus
    – Submenus
    – Reorder Admin Menu
    – Admin Bar
    – Hide admin bar
    – Hide admin bar settings
    – Move logout link to the admin bar
    – Hide admin bar items

  • q-iconWhat PressLabel allows me to do/change in login page?

    – Enable custom login screen
    – Login logo URL
    – Login background URL

  • q-iconWhat can I do/change with Backgrounds using PressLabel?

    – Background position
    – Background repeat
    – Background color
    – Background color code

  • q-iconWhat can I change/do in Form?

    – Form background
    – Background attachment
    – Background repeat
    – Background color
    – Background color code

  • q-iconHow can I change Opacity and what PressLabel allows me to do?

    – Form Shadow
    – Labels
    – Corner Radius
    – Form Shadow
    – Input text fields
    – Submit Button
    – Alternative Login Template
    – Smaller Windows, Alternative Login Template – Stylesheet

  • q-iconWhat can I change/do with my appearance settings?

    – WordPress Admin Color Scheme
    – Admin Color Scheme
    – Save Color Scheme

  • q-iconWhat includes in Role Management?

    – Administrator
    – Editor
    – Author
    – Contributor
    – Subscriber
    – Roles and Capabilities Change WP admin folder name